Have You Considered Torus Skirting?

”The most popular traditonal design on the market”

With so many different companies and literally hundreds of profiles available to choose on the market, it can be hard to choose one for your home.

However, we’re here to try and help you make a decision! Today, we’re talking about Torus skirting.

Torus Skirting

It’s probably one of the most popular designs in the UK and you’ve definitely seen it in a friends home (if not your own!).

The reason it’s so popular is probably down to it being one of the original designs to be manufactured in bulk and used by the building industry for many years.

It’s also fairly simple and works well in almost any interior making it a top choice for many homeowners.

What Does Torus Look Like?

In short, Torus designs feature a round (like a half circle) and not much else! Here’s a few examples:

Above (from left to right) we have Mini Torus, Torus Type 1 and Torus Type 2 which are all available from Skirting World.

As you can see, the main feature is the round. On the Torus Type 2 (right hand side in the images above), you can see that the design is slightly larger and features a scoop below the round.

Torus is a fairly simple design and so is also easy to clean (and keep clean for that matter!).

Is It Easy To Decorate?

Because the design is simple and features no intricate detailing or grooves, it couldn’t be easier to decorate.

Not only is it nice and easy to paint (when the annual glossing comes around!), if you’ve purchased new ones and they need prepping beforehand (sanding, priming, etc.) you’ll also find this really easy!

Where Can You Get It From?

Skirting boards featuring the Torus design are readily available from pretty much every DIY store and many websites online that specialise in manufacturing skirtings and architraves.

Because of this, it’ probably going to be around forever! We can’t see it being discontinued in our lifetimes at least (unless we stop using skirting altogether!).

Which Architrave Goes With Torus Skirting?

When it comes to skirting and architrave, the majority of people will choose a mathcing design for both.

So, if you’ve got Torus skirting you’ll be able to buy the matching Torus architrave!

However, it’s really down to personal preference and what you think will work in your home – or even just what you like the look of!

Don’t think you have to have matching designs – different designs can sometimes compliment eachother!

If you’ve got a simple skirting like Torus, change it up and get a more detailed architrave.